SharePoint Conference 2010 – Best Sessions

Following is a list of the SharePoint Conference 2011 Best Sessions from a Developer perspective. If you have the time to get the video for all of the sessions, that would be better but if you have limited time to see the conference videos, I recommend these sessions.

  1. Best Practices With jQuery and SharePoint
  2. Creating Awesome Dashboards with SharePoint 2010, Infopath 2010 and SharePoint Designer
  3. Automating Business Processes with SharePoint 2010 (Part 1) – Using SharePoint Designer, InfoPath and Workflow
  4. InfoPath 2010 – Best Practices for Design and Performance
  5. Developing Windows Phone 7 Applications for SharePoint
  6. Customizing Content Publishing Approval Workflows
  7. The Inside Scoop: How the SharePoint Dev Team Troubleshoots Performance and Reliability
  8. Packaging SharePoint Branding Elements for Deployment
  9. Localizing SharePoint Solutions/Lösungen/פתרונות/解决方案
  10. Building Business Applications on Azure using Office365 and Windows Azure AppFabric

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