The Future of SharePoint

Although Microsoft did not talk too much about the next version of SharePoint, it did mentioned some of the future features that would be enhanced or added to the platform. Two of these features are in Social space. We can expect much more Facebook type of functionality for enterprises that are eager to capitalized on knowledge sharing between their employees as well as search functionality that includes social features similar to Twitter.

Other area of improvement is Office 365 and Cloud based development where enterprises will be able to customized their cloud versions of SharePoint just as they do their on-premise deployments. One example of this is the announcement that BCS will be added as a feature of SharePoint on Office 365. This will allow companies to integrate LOB applications into their SharePoint cloud-based solutions.

My hope is that SharePoint 20XX supports HTML5 more broadly and can be viewed on non-Microsoft Tablet devices like the iPad without the need of a third-party applications. Also, the new version of SQL Server, "Denali", is going make it much easier for companies to manage their SharePoint on-premise deployments by allowing quick disaster recovery processes where an entire Farm, including all its servers can be failed-over in minutes, not days.


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