Learning from a Certified SharePoint Master

Last week I attended the SharePoint Intelligence Conference in Redmond and I listened to a keynote from one of the few Microsoft Certified Masters in the US, Miguel Woods. 

The keynote from Miguel was excellent because he covered the aspects of a SharePoint developer career that need more attention and the future of IT.

Basically his main advice for SharePoint developers was:

1. Learn more about the business side.

2. Become proficient in PowerShell.

The idea is that if we want to advance in our careers as SharePoint developers we need to learn more about how the business teams work so we can serve them better. There are many developers that lack the ability to think like a business user which limits their ability to develop solutions that maximize productivity for that business user.

The second point is related to PoweShell; which was thought only as a tool for Exchange Administrators but now it is tool that all SP developers need to learn. For example, Powershell can be used on your developer machine to automate site creation, WSP deployments and activation, etc. Also, it is a great tool for finding application errors.

After that talk I asked a few people which Powershell book they recommend and they all suggested  “Automating Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administration with Windows PowerShell 2.0″

Great presentation, Thanks Miguel!


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