Windows Azure, Node.js, SharePoint 2013 and Jade (following the LinkedIn architecture pattern)

I am a big fan of Node.js (asynchronous I/O model) and it is great the Microsoft has a Windows Azure solution that hosts Node.js applications. After SharePoint 2013 was released, I had an idea that I think could be used on the new SharePoint App feature of SharePoint 2013, specially on the Cloud Hosted Apps. 

For example, the way LinkedIn implements is mobile UI is based on the Node.js internet server and a MongoDB data source that sends content and other artifacts to Node.JS. In turn node.js sends the structured data to express.js and Jade to render the UI for any device or native application. Following the same pattern I can see SharePoint being the MongoDB and sending list or Business Connectivity services to Node.js and therefore express.js to render a UI based on SharePoint 2013 data to any device. We could even use jQuery Mobile to enable a better UI for smartphones or iPads.

I am going to create a demo with this architecture to test its performance and feasibility in an enterprise. After all, the main goal is to empower business to achieve their goals faster and not only because the technology is cool.

For my demo, I am planning to use a developer license for Windows Azure and a SharePoint 2013 instance from CloudShare

I will be posting my findings in the near future. In the mean time, take a look at the article on MSDN Magazine from Joseph Fultz: “Mixing Node.js into your Windows Azure application”


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