SharePoint Saturday Redmond – 2012

Yesterday I had the opportunity of going to the SharePoint Saturday event in Redmond at the Microsoft campus. I had a great time meeting lots of people and learning about SharePoint 2013. Following are the most important things I learned and reference links:

  • SharePoint Saturday Redmond
  • You can get a developer license to develop Office and SharePoint 2013 apps right now of free
  • New product:  “Napa”. This is one of the most important developments from Microsoft in the SharePoint space, basically you do not need to have the Visual Studio client to develop SharePoint apps, you can develop on the cloud in IE 9. You can code and get intellisense and other IDE features right on your browser. The only thing that disappoint me is that you cannot use this great tool on a Mac or a Safari browser.
  • Basically a SharePoint App is a new way of doing SharePoint development where you DO NOT run server side code on the SharePoint Servers, rather you use REST, oData and oAuth to connect to SharePoint interfaces from any client app that can call a Rest service. This is really cool because you can now create SharePoint apps from iOS, php, java, etc. This is basically the way you develop apps for Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Yesterday, I got my license and I am starting to create Apps for SharePoint
  • SharePoint Apps explained
  • SEARCH! Search is now the main platform for creating ECM sites. You can use search to target content for users, drive navigation menus and creating content. If a Public EMC SharePoint 2010 site, you only need 4 of 5 page layouts to render an entire corporate  public site. The way to do this is by creating custom search scopes to crawl any content internal or external to SharePoint and using the OOB web parts to display the information on SharePoint 2013, which also allows you to customize the web part via CSS or HTML to make it look the way you want. THIS IS A GAME CHANGER FOR MICROSOFT!

Missing topics that I need to research

  • Mobile development on SharePoint 2013
  • Creating a UI in SharePoint 2013 that is mobile enabled and targeted for iPhone and iPad devices.
  • Does SharePoint 2013 have a better OOB mobile site?
  • BCS in SharePoint 2013
  • BI and SharePoint Apps

Over all the conference was a success and I am looking forward to developing SharePoint Apps right now. Specially using Node.js, iOS and HTML5.


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