Google I/O 2016

I attended several of the Google IO 2016 sessions and wanted to post my impressions about the new Firebase platform from Google.


Firebase is the the cloud platform for mobile applications that Google purchase a couple of years ago. This platform is cross-platform and basically makes it very easy for anyone to create an App without having to worry about the backend and infrastructure implementation.

It also allows developers to grow their app and monetize it.

Note: Firebase is FREE!

I have been using Firebase for a few months and I have been very impressed.

I suggest everyone to do the Firebase codelabs from Google IO 2015 at:

Start with the Firebase: Build a Real Time Web Chat App CodeLab. It shows you how to create a sample app called FriendlyChat where you can learn how to setup the Firebase service and how easy it is to implement Authentication and database access.

Following is a screenshot of the Firebase services available for your app.

Firebase Services

It is incredibly easy to setup the database, storage service and enable authentication providers (Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc). For example, to enable Google authentication, all you have to do is enable it in the Auth settings:

Google Auth enabled

and then add the JS code below:

// Signs-in Friendly Chat.

FriendlyChat.prototype.signIn = function() {

// Sign in Firebase using popup auth and Google as the identity provider.

var provider = new firebase.auth.GoogleAuthProvider();



Also, you can setup analytics to track app usage and app features where you need to invest more time.

I think Firebase is going to be a great replacement for the Facebook Parse platform, now that Facebook is deprecating  Parse. Also, it is going to give Amazon and Microsoft Azure a run for their money; specially on the Mobile App space.

I love that with Firebase you really forget about your App middleware and other infrastructure services that used to make it very hard for small startups to get up the ground and succeed.

Given that Firebase is free, any developer or small startup can create an app and monetize it, because you can focus 100% of your efforts on the app and not worry about the pipelines and wiring of back-end services.