Do you want to Print complex InfoPath forms? Use Word instead!

If you are creating large complex forms in InfoPath that need to be either exported to PDF or that are expected to be printed to paper with the look and feel of a large “government” form, you probably do not want to use InfoPath for printing.

InfoPath Print View is good for small forms or for forms that do not require explicit table rendering with checkboxes inside table cells. The issue is that InfoPath was not really created for complex Printing, it is a tool to generate input forms very easily and deploy them to SharePoint for collaboration.

If you want to implement complex printing for SharePoint data, I would recommend using Word Automation services and a SharePoint designer workflows to automatically export the document from Word to PDF.

Word printing is much better that InfoPath and it has an export to PDF feature that is very useful if you need to export your documents to PDF and email them to your users or clients.